So you can imagine that it takes more than a little know-how to ensure not only that your signs and banners stand out from the crowd, but also to choose the right media, material, size and location for the job. It can be very easy to spend a lot of money going down the wrong route.

Let’s talk about traditional (i.e. not digital) signage first. To be honest, not a huge amount has changed in this field over the last few years, apart from continually improving digi-printing techniques which have brought the cost of large-format colour printing right down. With so many different options to choose from, our job is to bring together our design expertise with our technical knowledge to help arrive at exactly the right solution for you, and then manage the production stage with one of our tried-and-tested manufacturing partners to bring it to life.

This means that you get the best of both worlds – whether you’re needing simple pull-up banners, internal directional signage, huge mesh building wraps or 3-dimensional back-lit bespoke-cut logos. Or pretty much anything in between. We can even help with those awkward little extras, such as bunting, tablecloths etc.

How about digital signage? We work in association with partners who produce bespoke cloud-based platforms to enable clients to display just about any kind of content in a huge variety of formats, onto pretty much any kind of display device – from tiny embedded LED displays through to large HD monitors.

But that’s only the beginning. When it comes to digital signage, the possibilities are truly endless – especially when you consider the rapidly expanding opportunities for interactivity and customisation.


A sign or banner – no matter how sophisticated – is only as strong as the message which appears on it. Which is why we suggest that, before you speak to the techies or the box-shifters, you make contact with a design and communications specialist who will not only be able to advise you about the most appropriate technology to use, but will also ensure that your message gets properly delivered.

A design and communications specialist like BTL Creative.

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