Exhibitions are fantastic opportunities for you to engage with your target market. Increasingly, exhibitors are using them as meeting places to interact personally and reinforce relationships with multiple existing contacts on the same day, as well as being a great way to promote visibility to target market and attract new customers.

So, it’s crucial that you put on your very best face.

This doesn’t have to cost a fortune (especially in the context of how much it’s costing your business to just be at the show) but it does need to be very carefully thought out.

It’s all about making the best possible use of the available space. You need to strike a balance between attracting your audience’s attention as they walk past with the need to draw the right people in – you haven’t got time to have wasted conversations with irrelevant people.

You need to give them just enough relevant information to arouse their interest, whilst still leaving them wanting to find out more – thereby giving you the opportunity to strike up that all-important conversation to discover their individual requirements and explain how you can satisfy them.

You might well need to use valuable space to display products and/or literature, but you’ll also want to have somewhere practical where you can sit down with your client and talk business.

We work closely with specialist manufacturers and technology suppliers, to ensure that our creative visions are executed flawlessly using just the right processes and materials for the job; meaning that our clients get a genuinely one-stop service from concept to production, delivery, stand construction and de-rig. Whether you are looking for a simple pop-up or a complex, multi-media, 3D custom-built stand, we’ve got you covered.

Leaving you to concentrate on how you’re going to make the most of the leads that you generate.

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