At BTL Creative, we’re used to operating at both ends of the scale, as well as everything in between – it really depends on what’s appropriate for the individual client. We’re happy to advise on this.

Generally, this advice is to be as comprehensive as possible and aim to cover all angles when it comes to defining how your brand should be presented. This isn’t because we’re trying to expand the brief – after all, the requirement will always be limited by the variety of communications channels your business uses. Rather, it’s because we are strong believers in the need for a business to present a consistent brand identity right across the board.

Whether it’s a case of consolidating and standardising your existing brand, or starting from scratch and developing a new identity, few (if any) exercises are as important in a company’s communications strategy as establishing the right Corporate ID. Not only does it underpin and set the tone for the way that your business is perceived visually, it can influence the attitudes and approach of the business itself

– in much the same way as a Mission Statement or set of Values can help to establish an entire company culture.

The key to a strong set of brand guidelines is in finding a balance between being clear, precise and prescriptive in how the brand should be presented, whilst at the same time allowing enough freedom for creativity within that brand when it comes to designing and producing individual items. We certainly don’t want to stifle creativity, but we do want to ensure that it’s deployed correctly.

A successful set of brand guidelines should be an organic, living document; able to grow and develop with your business and embrace new media and new ideas in how to showcase your brand. And it needs to be easy to navigate around so that anyone and everyone who plays a role in presenting your business is able to stay on-message.

We’ll help you to define that message, and guide you through the process of ensuring that it reaches your audience.

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