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Printing…with a clear conscience

by Steve Braden

Printing…with a clear conscience

We’ve already made obvious, elsewhere on this site, our deeply held belief that printed literature still has a key role to play alongside digital communications – not least because it’s more likely to be read and retained.

At the same time, however, we also like to go to sleep with a clear conscience and – increasingly – our clients are looking for sustainable solutions to all their business needs.

That’s why we’re delighted to announce a new print partnership with one of the world’s most genuinely environmentally responsible printers. Which means that when you ask us to handle your litho print, you can have a clear conscience too.

But what does sustainable printing actually mean, beyond “can we have that on recycled paper?” Quite a lot, actually:

100% Waterless:

The majority of print is produced using ‘offset lithography’ – which requires a heck of a lot of water. What’s worse, it also requires chemical additives to work – and the majority goes straight down the drain. The alternative is ‘waterless offset’ – which does exactly what it says.

0% Waste:

30% of landfill is actually paper based. And yet all paper waste can go into a range of recycling schemes for secondary use. So choose a printer who recycles ALL their waste.

100% Carbon Neutral:

First, go through the entire print process in order to understand the impact it’s having. Then take every possible action to minimise that impact. Finally (but only when you’re satisfied that you’ve done all you can) invest in carbon offset programmes to mitigate against what’s left.

Anything else?

Well, you can use 100% renewable energy, 100% alcohol and substitute free materials and 100% vegetable oil based inks. Which are all pretty self explanatory. Oh, and when you’ve done all of that, make sure that you get it fully accredited to the very highest standards.

Our print partner adheres to every single one of the above processes. Now – isn’t the icon at the top of this article one which you’d like to see on the back of all your literature?

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