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20 years! Seriously?

by Steve Braden

20 years! Seriously?

It’s our anniversary today: 20 years since Rob and I launched our partnership.

In that time, we have:

• Opened 8353 job bags. Our first job (no.1001) was for Mack Brooks Exhibitions. Four of the job bags we have opened in the last week have been for the same client. That’s loyalty!

• Sent 7510 invoices. Most of them have been paid too, thankfully, for which we remain very grateful.

• Designed approximately 400 logos (we’re guessing a bit here, but that feels about right). We’re proud of the fact that many of them are still out there, and still get a buzz from seeing them used.

• Been on 20 surfing trips to Croyde Bay. It’s an annual tradition we’ve never grown out of. Gerry (our very first employee 19.5 years ago) joined us again this year, even though he hasn’t worked with us for 15 years. It’s nice to stay friends.

• Played approximately 20,000 games of table football. No wonder we’re pretty good at it now.

• Eaten about 5,000 packets of chocolate digestives. Although to be fair, approx. 3,000 of those were by Neal.

• Travelled twice around the world in mileage on photoshoots.

• Worked out of 4 different studios. We were in the last place for 17 years.

• Seen West Ham win a total of zero trophies. We won’t mention Arsenal.

• Thrown out the Letraset catalogues, photo library books, drawing board, CRT monitors and fax machine.

• Evolved from a Power Macintosh 6500 to iMac Retina 27-inch

• Employed loads of lovely people

• Worked with lots of great clients

• And, thankfully, retained our love for creativity!

Here’s to the next 20 years!

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